Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar
Peruvian Cuisine

122 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014

Lunch - Dinner - Brunch

Free Delivery - Minimum order $25
Hudson River to Fifth Avenue - Fourteenth Street to Houston Street

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Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar and Restaurant   in New York City has been serving authentic Peruvian cuisine for 4 years. The New Jersey path train is almost directly across from our restaurant, giving easy access to our New Jersey customers. Patterson New Jersey has one of the largest populations of people from Peru. Queens and Brooklyn also have large populations of expatriates de Peru. Peruvian food picks up on many Spanish and Latin themes but separates itself by the unique tastes of Peru's indigenous peppers. Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar specializes in ceviche but offers chicken, meat, vegetarian and of course seafood.   Peruvian food is a unique cuisine that is on the cusp of being on the very edge of mainstream food. Peruvian beer and and pisco sours are already a staple in many restaurants and bars in New York. The Menu Picture Gallery has many pictures that hopefully can express the beauty of Peruvian food. The chefs are from Peru and operating a Peruvian restaurant in New York is the ultimate inspiration for them. So come down to the West Village in New York and enjoy Peruvian food and a pisco sour at our restaurant. 



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